9/4/2015 // Murfreesboro, TN

Tonight, I made my way into a crowded Starbucks to catch up on a few projects. After several days of hugs, driving, and random audiobooks, it was nice to grab a frappe and just sit. After a bit, I looked up to notice an Indian man interacting with his family. His smile and joy were extremely visible from where I was sitting. We acknowledged each other with a smile and nod and continued to go through our night. After about 20 minutes, he happened to be a few feet away, he noticed me again, and quickly we struck up a conversation. Sunni is from Bangalore, India. He moved here in 1994 with his family, graduated from Vanderbilt, and quickly opened his own Dentistry practice outside Nashville.

Tonight, I happened to notice him in the middle of celebrating his wife’s birthday. I got the chance to ask him what caused his atmosphere to be so joyful. “Family and the thought of one day not having them with me.” Confused, I asked him what he meant. He replied that if he got to a point where he stood alone without his loved ones, he wouldn’t be able to look back and handle the regret of not having enjoyed every moment with them. // The woman who is shadowed in this photo is Sunni’s wife Krupa, which means “grave or favour”, and she as Sunni puts it, “is the exact meaning of her name. She never fails to make me feel loved. She is my joy.”

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