Hey dude…

I’m gonna be frank. Because lying to the future version of myself would be a waste of time.

I hope you’re doing well. And it might take reading this quite a few times over the years to remind yourself that you’re the right type of crazy.

Don’t ever forget where you come from. You’ve got nothing to hold over anyone. You’re a little dude from Michigan, but you got something to fight for….and that’s people. Don’t you leave your community and family behind. You might have to find unique ways to involve people, and they might not understand each and every decision, but they believe in you, and that means so much.

Be smart. You haven’t always been the smoothest with decisions or why you make them. But optimize your workflow. Work hard, but make sure it’s for the right reason…and make sure it’s not vain.

Love everyone. I know that sounds insane, and you’ll probably be sucky at it still, but don’t worry, you can do this. Hug people, cry with them, be vulnerable and make sure that each moment is recognized for its value. You don’t need to be Bob Goff, you should be Josh Walker.

Give. Whether it’s your time, money, or your future, keep on giving. I hope by this point you’ll have realized that giving your life away is the only way forward.

Hug. Everyone.

Love her. Whether that person has come into your life or not, be on the lookout and build your heart in such a way that you’ll be ready. She’s going to be worth the chase…and you’ll need to be ready to go.

Be loyal and be strong.

Keep going.

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