Chapter 1

I wish I knew where to start. So I’ll start at the beginning. This site is not built on a soapbox. It’s a place to express the stories of strangers, friends, and family members. I Am Josh Walker sounds egotistical, I can’t argue that, but the meaning behind it is not what it may appear to be. There is something horrible happening right now. Every 40 seconds, an individual commits suicide. Let me repeat that, every 40 seconds, a story voluntarily ends unfinished. Stories were meant to have endings . . . Beautiful, dangerous, whimsical, silly, absolutely crazy endings.

That’s where this site comes in. Over the next season, I’m making it my mission to tell as many stories as possible. Stories that will make hearts happy, possibly make them even frown, and some will just be laughable. Some stories will be in the beginning, some in the middle, and sadly even some nearing the end. But in all of it, each story will matter. Every. Single. One. I’m so excited you’re here with me. But more than anything, please join in this story! There’s a place for you here. We might not even know what that spot looks like, but let’s take a chance on it…Deal?

Chapter 1.1

My name is Josh(ua) Walker. My love of creating cool things trumps basically anything else in my life. I love the Lord. I love “love”. My family is the bomb diggity, and I have a LOT of family. My friends can’t be described by any other word than INCREDIBLE. Books are my go to when I need to run from society (which happens once every little bit). Capturing the world by camera lens is my back up. If you ever want to go give hugs to strangers, call me, I might just drive from across the country to help. I love to listen to stories. I love to witness stories. As you may have figured out by now, I’m not a fan of writing in the proper formats, my style just doesn’t fit. Still with me? I hope so.
P.S. I love the word “HOPE‘ almost as much as I love the word “LOVE“…Surprise right? Not really.
Thank you to my Mom and Dad for raising me to realize that at some point, I understood that nearly EVERY warning you ever gave me came true. My sister for being a rock, she’s way cooler than me if you were wondering. YoungMin for raising the standard of what it means to follow the Lord. Anthony for being the brother I knew was always walking next to me. Jamice for never failing to create stuff with me (or laugh), even if it means climbing a clock tower at 3am. Donald Miller for causing me to ask better questions of God, myself, and others. Bob Goff for pushing me to love better, and inspiring my new found obsession with balloons! Jamie Tworkowski for helping me understand my value. William P. Young for teaching me to see the imaginary here in the real world. Chase, Tyler, Aaron, Kalee, Wadia, Nichole, Brittany, Sean, Drew, Zach and Zack, Nathan and Nathan, Jacqueline, Andy, Nick, Dan, Simeon, Marie, Tom, Jeanette, Imani, Miss Pam, Dr. Kuhl, Rachel and Rachel, Carlie, Eddie, Connor, Erica, Accacia, Taylor and Taylor, Brandon and Brandon, Chris, Josh and Josh, Sara, Cameryn, Maria and Maria, Devin, Kyle, Adam, Jared, Jess, Sam, Marius, David, Jesse, Jacob and Jacob, Rodrigo, Laura, Kathleen, Angie, Jillian, Holly, Hannah, Andrew, Austin, Caleb and Caleb, Jayson, Raquel, Julie, John, JT, Cole, Chelsea, and many, many others. If I don’t tell you enough, I love you…and owe each and every one of you my life in some way or another.